I’m from Scotland, but on a recent visit to Hollywood my family and I visited Trader Joe’s (Vine Street) to buy some food for our hotel room.  I’ve been in a couple of different Trader Joe’s and love the shop, and the fabulous selection of affordable food.  I bought this bag as a memento and thought I’d get some fun from it.


TJ’s food shop, for the unitiated, was born in 1958 and the best way to find out about them is to visit their website and LEARN. 


I have to say I also love the fact that wine can be bought in Trader Joe’s for $2 a bottle and it’s known as two-buck-chuck … it’s gorgeous.  Relatives of ours who live in San Jose buy it by the case.


Anyway, I decided to start a blog to show the places that my Trader Joe’s bag will visit. 


It might not get very far, but then again it might – who knows?  As well as Hollywood on the day of purchase, it’s been to Venice Beach, Beverley Hills, Oakland, San Francisco, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – Moss Beach, Rockaway Beach, Pacifica. 


Today it didn’t know what hit it with the weather, because we visited Troon in South Ayrshire.  At the outset of our journey it was a beautiful day.  (When I say we/our – it means me and my bag).


Then the dark clouds rolled in overhead which brought the dreaded rain.


My TJ bag has travelled quite a bit in the past 4 weeks – now it’s home in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, for goodness knows how long.   Please look back now and again to see where it’s been.


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