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Not a very exciting day to take my Trader Joe’s bag anywhere, but we had to go to Westerwood, because I was visiting a friend for lunch.  Today my TJ bag was used to house a garden plant as a gift for her, and contained some bits and pieces from Waitrose on the way home – not as reasonably priced as Trader Joe’s of course.

The rain was so constant that serious flooding occurred on the way home;  instead of it taking me about an hour, it took 2¾ hours.  I’ve never experienced such flooding before and by the time I reached home, my left leg was aching due to too many minutes of clutch control in the car.  Transport Minister Keith Brown warned of “a testing journey home” for motorists in affected areas – the man was spot-on.  It was so bad that Prestwick Airport’s main runway closed at 16:30 and flights were diverted to Edinburgh.  It re-opened at 9am on Friday morning.

What a blooming day!