Just as the weather took a turn for the better in Scotland, we’d a journey planned to England – where the weather had taken a turn for the worst.

We stayed in Weston Super Mare for 4 days and visited Bath, Cheddar Gorge and Wells.  It rained on and off throughout our stay only bursting with sun on the day we left.

Apparently its usual to have rain during the morning in this area and can clear up around 10.30-11.30 am.  Yes the rain stopped for a short while, but this wasn’t the day it stopped raining altogether.  We were told that we should take a photograph of the tide if we were around when it came in; today wasn’t our day for that either but we saw it (and the sun) on the day we left.

AHMM Copyright 2012

Our next visit was to Bath where it remained dry during our 4 hour stay.  We stayed on our coach and a hired guide told us a little bit about Bath and we stopped off at The Royal Crescent for a quick photo opportunity. I’ve visited Bath before, and been in the ‘spa’, but not with my Trader Joe’s bag.  My friend and I tossed up to see whether we should go into the Thermae Bath Spa for a 2-hour visit or have lunch in the Pump House with wine and piano accompaniment.  The Pump House won.

The Royal Crescent

Next rainy day we were taken to Cheddar Gorge then Wells.  Cheddar Gorge was dry when we arrived.  It is such a beautiful wee place and if you haven’t visited before, you must do.  Caves, river running through it, waterfall, lots of colourful trees, huge cliffs.  Of course as well as the variation of ‘ on offer,  we loved looking through the lovely knick-knacks shops, though managed to curtail our spending so that my TJ’s bag wasn’t too heavy to carry.  We stopped off for a quick cuppa at the Edelweiss Tea-room and wish we’d had more time to savour lunch.  We only had tea and a toasted tea-cake but when we looked around, everyone plates were full-to-bursting.  If I ever return, I’m going to have a full-to-bursting-plate – the food looked, and smelled, gorgeous.  Nice place.

Cheddar Gorge

Off to Wells – one of the loveliest Cathedrals I’ve ever seen but we didn’t pay to go in.  Our coach only stopped for about 1½ hours so we couldn’t do it justice in that time.  It was raining, so we had a quick wander and bought a ‘biscuity delicacy’ for our return trip to Weston.

My friend bought me birthday tickets to see Charlie Landsborough on the second night of his Autumn Tour 2012 at the Playhouse in Weston Super Mare.  It was the first time we’d ever seen him and he was terrific.  We couldn’t believe how the time passed so quickly – he’s so calming and had a few good jokes up his sleeve in-between songs.

I wonder if Charlie knows he was in the company of my friend and I with my Trader Joe’s bag?!




Not a very exciting day to take my Trader Joe’s bag anywhere, but we had to go to Westerwood, because I was visiting a friend for lunch.  Today my TJ bag was used to house a garden plant as a gift for her, and contained some bits and pieces from Waitrose on the way home – not as reasonably priced as Trader Joe’s of course.

The rain was so constant that serious flooding occurred on the way home;  instead of it taking me about an hour, it took 2¾ hours.  I’ve never experienced such flooding before and by the time I reached home, my left leg was aching due to too many minutes of clutch control in the car.  Transport Minister Keith Brown warned of “a testing journey home” for motorists in affected areas – the man was spot-on.  It was so bad that Prestwick Airport’s main runway closed at 16:30 and flights were diverted to Edinburgh.  It re-opened at 9am on Friday morning.

What a blooming day!




I’m from Scotland, but on a recent visit to Hollywood my family and I visited Trader Joe’s (Vine Street) to buy some food for our hotel room.  I’ve been in a couple of different Trader Joe’s and love the shop, and the fabulous selection of affordable food.  I bought this bag as a memento and thought I’d get some fun from it.


TJ’s food shop, for the unitiated, was born in 1958 and the best way to find out about them is to visit their website and LEARN. 


I have to say I also love the fact that wine can be bought in Trader Joe’s for $2 a bottle and it’s known as two-buck-chuck … it’s gorgeous.  Relatives of ours who live in San Jose buy it by the case.


Anyway, I decided to start a blog to show the places that my Trader Joe’s bag will visit. 


It might not get very far, but then again it might – who knows?  As well as Hollywood on the day of purchase, it’s been to Venice Beach, Beverley Hills, Oakland, San Francisco, Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – Moss Beach, Rockaway Beach, Pacifica. 


Today it didn’t know what hit it with the weather, because we visited Troon in South Ayrshire.  At the outset of our journey it was a beautiful day.  (When I say we/our – it means me and my bag).


Then the dark clouds rolled in overhead which brought the dreaded rain.


My TJ bag has travelled quite a bit in the past 4 weeks – now it’s home in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, for goodness knows how long.   Please look back now and again to see where it’s been.